Kerrisdale has the feel of an old fashioned, if upscale, village. with many shops that have been around for a long time, and the best of them exude secure self-confidence; they are well established and sure of themselves.

Kerrisdale is a great place live, with some of the provinces top schools and easy access to many internationally renowned shops and boutiques.

Getting There: The easiest way to get to Kerrisdale from downtown is to cross the Burrard Street Bridge and turn right into Kitsilano at the end of the bridge. Follow Cornwall to Arbutus and turn left on Arbutus. Follow Arbutus to 41st Avenue. (Arbutus becomes West Boulevard right around there, but don't worry about that.)

Another option, especially if you're coming from the airport, is to take Granville Street north to 41st street and turn left. Follow 41st to West Boulevard, and you're in the heart of Kerrisdale. If you're coming from Oakridge Centre, go west on 49th to Granville, turn right on Granville then left on 41st to West Boulevard.